This is my first blog post and the first to this particular blog.  I’m a marketing professor at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.  My main interests are in the structure and management of routes to market (aka distribution channels); sales force compensation, structure, and management; and pricing.  You can find out more about me at my webpage at Kellogg:

I’m running my “Distribution Channel Management: Bridging the Sales and Marketing Divide” course at the Allen Center at Kellogg this week.  It’s an executive education course, open to managers from around the world; participants from 9 different countries are here this week, which is great.  If you are interested in this course, see more information about it at this URL:

So, what’s on my mind in the realms of routes to market, distribution, and sales force?  A few things:

  • How to solve distribution problems in emerging markets — by finding new “best practices” that the first world may not yet know about
  • How to marry microfinance insights and interests with building new market presence and sales
  • How to compensate key account managers and why they are different from either field salespeople or sales managers
  • What’s going to happen to paper-based publishing, and what its effects will be on authors, academics, and the academic career management process

As solutions or other ideas occur to me on these or related topics, I’ll bring them here.

Cheers for now.