I’m heading to India for the first time next Tuesday — for two weeks.  I’m going with other Kellogg faculty on a faculty-only study trip, with stops in New Delhi, Bombay, and Bangalore.  

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Our schedule is chock-a-block full of visits to top Indian companies, including ones like Infosys (think business process outsourcing) and The Future Group (the largest organized retail business in India).  I’ll stay on a couple of extra days at the end to visit the Indian School of Business in Bangalore.  Then, back home in time for Christmas!

My goals in going are to learn as much as I can about the Indian economy, business, and culture; and to try to establish some new avenues for developing research projects and teaching materials that will broaden my focus more to emerging markets issues and insights.

My conjecture going into this is that there are a lot of best practices in business, and in distribution, already in place in emerging markets.  The reason is that constraints in these markets — on consumer mobility, income, and information; on availability of infrastructure to grease the wheels of commerce; and from government restrictions, all force market players to be more nimble than they might need to be in a more well-developed market and consumer place.  We’ll see if I still believe my conjecture after this trip!